What is Body Vulnerability™?:  Body Vulnerability™ refers to any person experiencing shame, fear, illness (mental or physical), trauma, pain or disconnection from their bodies. It may also refer to people who are vulnerable to a society's boundaries and expectation of perfectionism for what bodies and/or health should look like.

Many people living in Body Vulnerability™ struggle with getting the services or support that they need to succeed and thrive. This is a social justice issue that is preventing people from accessing basic human rights and is contributing to mental, physical and emotional harm.

Body Vulnerability™ in Yoga: Yoga is a practice for any one who chooses to show up. Presence is and should be the only requirement in yoga. It doesn’t matter how someone might show up, it matters that they simply show up. They could be in savasana the entire class and will have still participated in yoga.

Yoga is a practice that should be inclusive, accessible, and clear of prejudice and judgment. Our job as helping professionals is to bring social justice and human rights to the classroom, which means doing no harm and creating safety in every setting we teach. It is important that we, as teachers, reflect and find awareness around our own bodies and the inner thoughts or feelings that we have around health, body size, and nutrition.

Whether you are a seasoned teacher or in your first Yoga Teacher Training, you will come across all types of people, bodies, injuries, or vulnerabilities. It is important to have conversation and open communication with anyone that feels they need extra support in a classroom.

Body Vulnerability™ Immersions: I have created the Body Vulnerability™ workshops and immersions to help build skills around supporting vulnerabilities in any setting. These workshops are designed as a 3, 7 or 15-hour training that help movement professionals work with bodies of all sizes and navigate our relationships to bodies, weight, food, and more. Please e-mail Julie with any questions or to schedule a workshop.