Often asked questions and concerns:

  • I can't find yoga clothes that fit. What should I wear to class?  There are a few yoga companies who are becoming more thoughtful around larger sizes. I currently recommend Gaiam, Lineage Wear, Target, and Old Navy. But come to class with whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. Feel free to be in pj's!
  • I noticed that Julie lives in a smaller body but teaches a bigger bodied class?  I often get asked how I got into teaching bigger bodies when I live in a smaller body. It is important for me to inform all of my students that I recognize my thin privilege and that yoga in general has mostly teachers who are young, well to do, white, and thin. I try not to ignore the fact that my body privilege has afforded me a lot in my life. But there are things I can identify with such as body hatred, being a woman in this society and seeing the lack of support and nurturing of all body sizes and shapes. I don't pretend to know what it's like to live in a larger body but I am willing to listen and to advocate. I have been trained by some of the most incredible professionals around Health at Every Size®, body acceptance and social justice. I continually learn and listen from my students and continue to want to hold space for safety and exploration. I am open to continual language and conversation around this topic so feel free to ask!
  • What if I don't want to be touched?  YBB is a trauma informed class which means that hands on assists are only provided if the student verbally consents. Please let Julie or the teacher know whether or not you would like to be touched.
  • What does it mean by "all sizes" welcome?  As a body advocate, it is my belief that weight is just our bodies relationship to gravity. It is relative and shouldn't define someone's health or how someone feels about their body. Therefore, I have no weight requirement for this class and welcome anyone who is looking for a safe and body positive community.
  • What should I expect from a YBB class? Love, connection and support. These three things are what I value in yoga and in life.  Our community of teachers and students work hard to promote and embody these values and the result is a safe and healing environment that is free from body negativity, perfectionism, and competition. We laugh, cry and fall down and thrive in our imperfection together. Each class is taught for all levels and may involve lying and/or sitting down on the floor, standing, using props for support (this includes chairs, blocks, blankets, bolsters, etc.), using the wall and moving at one's own pace. All poses can be modified for the individual.
  • How do I sign up for the classes? All classes are offered through The People's Yoga in NE Portland. At this time you have to register through the MindBody website that can be found through the People's Yoga website. The classes are often sold out and may not be posted on the site. Please visit. www.thepeoplesyoga.org and click on Workshops. OR email Julie at jwnaigus@gmail.com.