Yoga can be for every body and this class provides a safe space for anyone at any size to become more in tune with their body. Yoga for Bigger Bodies is designed to bring yoga to those who feel that the traditional class setting is not providing the support and encouragement that is needed to feel successful in yoga.

Yoga for Bigger Bodies is a gentle yoga class that provides mindfulness, self-care, and mind/body/spirit connection. This class will provide you with tools that will help build strength, flexibility, and confidence not just physically but also mentally.

This series is open to all shapes, ability levels and sizes. This is an inclusive and non-judgmental class that emphasizes Health At Every Size® (HAES), body acceptance and joyful movement. There is no weight requirement and everyone is welcome!


At this time we offer an 8-week series at The People's Yoga on Monday's and Thursday's. We do not allow drop-ins but private yoga sessions with Julie are a great way to begin! If you have any questions please email Julie at

Yoga for Bigger Bodies sells out often, we apologize for any inconvenience and are excited to offer more classes in the future. Registration is held through The People's Yoga studio at